2012 Manchester Blogmeet

It's been a while since our last blogmeet. So Kate Feld has organised one. Hurrah!

This one will be happening on Tuesday 28 August, from 6:30-8:30 pm at Common on Edge Street in the Northern Quarter.

Click here for more.

Thanks to all who came to the first Manchester Blogmeet of 2011

Huge thanks must go to IL2l leather jackets, who sponsored the meeting and infused the whole enterprise with the aroma of quality leather, to Common Bar for being helpful and jovial hosts, and to Manchizzle for getting the whole thing up and running... and then missed out because of a horrible cold.

If you were one of the 40 / 50 that were there, you know how much fun it was. And it was a delight to see the tweets afterwards enthusing about new friends and connections. It's a very bloggy city, this here Manchester... here's the next one!

(Photo by I Love To Love. See more on their Facebook page here.)
The Manchester blogmeet is an essential get together of bloggers in the UK's best digital and social media city.

It happens seasonally, usually at Common on Edge Street, and is sponsored by companies and enterprises wanting to connect into a thriving social media scene. Previous sponsors have included Creative Tourist, IL2L leather jackets, the Lowry, Skiddle and Umbro.

All Manchester-area bloggers are welcome to come along, schmooze with your kindred, and drink some fine beverages.

Read more about the blogmeet on Manchizzle. Or check the #mcrblogmeet hashtag on Twitter. Otherwise, see you at the next one!
Do spread this on Twitter. Use the hashtag #mcrblogmeet.

Masthead design by Fat Roland, background photo by Common Bar. Blog background photo by Fat Roland, from the SoSoLimited / Prime Numerics election debate, Manchester.